Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathon!

Jonathon turns nine today!  I'm taking the day off to bring treats into his classroom and volunteer in Collin's classroom in the morning.

To say he has been excited about his birthday is an understatement!  He has made three different birthday lists - over two pages longs!  Of course, list making is easy with all of the books of Christmas toys coming in the mail!  We had a funny discussion about prioritizing what he would like the most.  I suggested starring the 3 to 5 presents he would like most...he proceeded to star about 12 because he invited 12 friends to his party at Castle Skateland!  I don't think he quite understands that most friends don't call and ask what you would like!  Needless to say his top two choices are a Soduko book and more Knexs!

I love Jonathon so much and hope he has a wonderful, wonderful day!  He is still my caring, loving, cuddly little boy!

Switching to last weekend... Jonathon had another big accomplishment earning his blue belt!  He is now an official member of the black belt club meaning that he is committed to going all the way to becoming a black belt.  The self discipline and confidence this sport has given Jonathon has been truly amazing.  For anyone in the Cincinnati area, I would highly recommend Patten Martial Arts.  Here are a few pictures from Jonathon's big day.

Waiting patiently to show off their form!

In form...nice high kicks!

Demonstrating defensive moves with Coach Hill defending against Jonathon!

Sparring against Erin...check out that high kick!

When it was time for the blue and purple belts to spar, Mr. Patten asked for a volunteer.  Jonathon quickly raise his hand.  Look how much taller Emily was than back down in my little guy!

Patiently waiting to see how he did on his testing...earned his blue belt with an extra tip for excellent performance!

Mr. Patten welcoming Jonathon to the black belt club!  Putting his black belt on the wall...waiting for when he earns it!

Thanks for always coming to watch me PopPop!

Here's Jonathon and his buddy David showing off their new belts!  David is a couple of belts ahead of Jonathon and broke his first board on Saturday!  Amazing courage! Two very proud boys!

Tomorrow we're off to celebrate his birthday at the roller skating ring - Castle Skateland here we come!  A bunch of nine year old boys and a few girls!

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