Saturday, November 28, 2009

Few Random Things ...and Going Digital?

It has been so nice to have an extra long weekend to relax.  Lots of great family time, playing games, going to the movies, crafting....wonderful!

One little random story...I was sitting at the computer today and my foot fell asleep.  I got up, took three steps and pop - a really loud pop- came out of my ankle!  Quick trip to Urgent Care to confirm it is sprained not broken...but ouch!  The hazards of blogging!  The goal is to get into heals for my mum's wedding next weekend!

A big thank you to Kimber.  I won her blog candy...can't wait to get my prize!  She has more blog candy now - extremely generous - please go take a peak at her beautiful blog!

One of my crafting goals (yes, my friends and family would make fun of me for having crafting goals) is to learn how to digitally scrapbook so that I can change my blog header and banner.  Karen mentioned Jessica Sprague's site a few weeks ago.  I decide to take the Up and Running with Photoshop Class.  Look at these beautiful layouts. You can click on them to see a larger view.   I don't think I'll switch my normal scrapbooking to digital, but this was very, very fun.  Stay tuned...I'm going to try and make a new blog header in the future!

Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend!

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