Monday, November 9, 2009

A Birthday Get Away

This past weekend, we had a scrapbooking weekend...just happened to fall on my birthday this year!  It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend.   We had the sliding doors open the entire time.

This is the view from the balcony during the day!

And this was the view at sunset...stunning!

Here are all of the ladies...I provided the tip to put your hand on your's the thinning pose :)!

One of the benefits of going away on your birthday with your talented friends are beautiful gifts!  Chrissy made me this adorable cup holder.  It's already proudly displayed on my desk at work!

Rhonda made me this beautiful album.  Just stunning!

When I got home, the boys and Pat had decorated the house...a big Happy Birthday sign across the ledge in our family room!

Here are my cards from the boys:
From Ryan: On the left it is written backwards, "Sometimes we just have to look in the mirror and say man I'm hot." On the right, "Have a great birthday mom.  Love, Ryan"  He admitted that he wrote the left hand side about himself...he has his dad's sense of humor! Quite confident!

From Jonathon:  A very sweet card and a handmade box..."to put all your craft pens and things you love in it."  So adorable.  "Dear Mom, I hope you had a good time on your trip.  Are you glad you are home?  We are glad you are home.  Love, Jonathon"

From my little crafter Collin.  Of course his card had some embellishments...ribbons and stickers!

And last but not least from all the boys and my wonderful husband...this card and these beautiful flowers!  Happy Birthday to me...what more could I ask for!

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