Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Happening Around Our House

Here's what me and my men have been up to:

  • He's growing up entirely too fast.
  • Getting funnier by the day...and taking after his dad, quoting movie lines and song lyrics like crazy.
  • Has been extremely helpful as Pat recovers from back surgery.
  • Just purchased a Michael Jackson costume for Halloween and is practicing his moonwalk for the big day!

  • Is in love with Soduko! PopPop taught him how to play and he is addicted!
  • Has requested a rollerskating (or is it rollerblading) party for his upcoming 9th birthday!
  • Loves to play any and every game...War, Mankala, Risk, you name it, he loves to play it.
  • Is getting over pneumonia.  Thank goodness for strong antibiotics!

  • Is sounding out every word possible.  We talk about sounds and what letters they are constantly.  Marcel was sure to tell him that "P" was a bad word when he stated that pumpkin starts with "P".  That was an interesting argument!
  • Loves to color and craft.  When we haven't been in the craft room for a few days, "Mommy, our craft room is so sad.  It's missing us."  I hope he loves to craft with me for a long, long time.
  • Is very disturbed that his next birthday is not until August 23rd.  Can't quite understand that your birthday happens every year on the same day, but clearly understands that it will be a while before his next birthday.
  • Has eyes and eyebrows that tell all! 

  • "I would love a doggy and a baby."  He hasn't heard the saying around our house..."four no more."   We know why he wants a doggy, his cousin, Olivia, has a puppy and our next door neighbor has two puppies.  Not too sure where the baby idea came from...
  • Practicing riding his big bike with training wheels...
  • Imitating his brothers, "Jonathon, you can't come to my will annoy my friends."  Hmmm...wonder where he heard that.  Think he knows what annoy means?

  • Is recovering very well from his back surgery.
  • Little edgy that he can't do more.
  • Is very happy to have lost 12 lbs since surgery date and that he's feeling well enough to host the neighborhood guys for poker again during Monday Night Football.

  • I have been shopping too much for scrapbook and stamping supplies.  In the last couple of weeks, I've shopped twice at 2:30 or later in the morning when I wake up in the middle of the night.  Is that a problem?
  • Thankful that Pat is recovering so well from surgery.
  • Proud of my boys for being responsible.
  • Looking forward to my mum and Hank's wedding...about 45 days away!
  • Am taking the day off today to go shopping with my mum...looking forward to a day out!

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