Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Turn!

Marcel has been so excited to return to pre-school. Pat took him in for meet the teacher last week. When Pat told Marcel it was time to go, he said, "Bye-bye Daddy!" Pat gently said, "No buddy, we have to go home today and you get to come back next week." Out to the car they go. As Pat is putting Marcel in his car seat, he looks at Marcel, "What's wrong buddy?" Big tears are welling up in Marcel's eyes. "Daddy, I so angry at you. I want to stay at school forever." Marcel was sobbing!

Marcel replayed this conversation to me when I got home from work. Then everyday until today, "Tomorrow, I get to go to school forever?" No worries about Marcel being comfortable today!

Here he is putting his backpack in his new cubby!

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