Monday, September 7, 2009

Conversations Around the House

Random conversations around our house:

Ryan: "No posers allowed."
When talking about other boys in sixth grade that he doesn't want to hang around. "So and so is a poser." "What's a poser?" "Someone who doesn't act like themselves. Someone who always tries to imitate other people he thinks are cool. You know...a POSE-er." Got it....

Jonathon: "This might seem weird to other people, but..."
"....I think I like math better than recess." "Nothing at all wrong with that Jonathon." Self awareness as a very positive trait. I'll take it! When asked further, "Jonathon, what is the order of your favorite things? karate, Nintendo DS, math, Knex?" "That's really hard mom. I think: Nintendo DS, karate, Knex, math."

Collin: "Is that to lift those up?"
At the risk of sharing too much information :), as I'm putting on my bra, "Mommy, what is that? Do you put that on to hold those up?" "Yes, honey, that's what it's for." "Does it have a button or snap or something in the back?" "Yes, honey." "Ooooohhh." A few days later, when going through the Kohl's bag, Collin pulls out a sports bra, "Mommy, is this another one of those things to lift those up?" "Yes, honey." Needless to say, Pat was sitting on the couch when the second conversation happened. Thought he was going to fall out of the chair laughing. What can I say, after four children, gravity does come into the equation!

Marcel: "Daddy wastes money."
Collin starts, "After my soccer game, can we go out to lunch?" "Sure where do you want to go?" "McDonald's, but mommy you'll have to pay because daddy doesn't have any money." Marcel chimes, "Yea, Daddy don't have any money. He wastes his money." Marcel starts laughing, "Daddy buy me donuts...he waste his money!" Marcel and daddy have a little routine of going out for donuts when all the big guys are at school and Collin has obviously asked one too many times in the past to go out to eat...Daddy doesn't have any money!

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Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS.... I can't believe I found this blog by TOTAL ACCIDENT. I was looking thru comments of other blogs and when I saw your picture and the title, "mango boys". I thought...oh my gosh.

Love your blog, your family picture and especially your cards.