Monday, August 3, 2009

My Brown Eyed Boy

...Jonathon, Ryan and I went to the Reds' game on Friday night. Even though the Reds' are on a losing streak it was a great night. What MLB team can you buy three tickets for $15? It was a cheaper night than going to the movies!

At the game, Jonathon looks at me, "Mom, do you love my brown eyes?" "Yes, Jonathon I do. Do you love them?" "I'm not sure mom." "When you're older, I'm sure whoever you marry will love those big dark brown eyes." "Well they probably won't like it when I roll them back like this." "Yeah, I don't think they will." Guess I can't talk marriage with an 8 year old?! I really love those dark brown eyes. They can send you love or when he's mad give you "angry eyes" as Jonathon calls them. Here's the look he doesn't think the ladies will like!
Conversations about Jonathon's eyes lead to where the color of his eyes came from. Ryan's eyes match my mom's. Marcel's eyes match his Uncle Mike's. Collin's eyes match his dad's. Jonathon's eyes match my dad's. Jonathon has a lot of traits that are very similar to my dad. We talk about this all the time with Jonathon. My dad passed away four years ago and although Jonathon didn't have much time with him he has carried on many of my dad's characteristics (some physical and some not). Some of them are:
  • "Slim Shady" - Jonathon's nickname for being tall and skinny. "I have a flat tummy and am tall like my grandad..."
  • Social yet individual - This might sound funny! I worked with my dad for over 15 years...when you would go out to lunch with him in Downtown Cincinnati, you could never go out without running into someone he knew. Dad would never hesitate to say hi and have a short conversation. Jonathon is the exact same way. Whenever we are out and he sees someone he has met before, he doesn't hesitate to say hi and have a quick conversation. There is never any shyness or hesitation. Oh to have that natural confidence! Both Jonathon and my dad although very social yet needed their alone time too. Jonathon shows this trait like my dad and is often found playing with KNEX in his room. One minute he can be running around outside, the next he's inside catching some quiet time.
  • Self discipline - Jonathon's self discipline makes us giggle. He could be eating his favorite food ever and if he's full...he's full. Stops eating. My dad was the exact same way. No need to finish your plate if you're full. If you're full, you stop. (Too bad I can't follow that theory!) That said, they both still had a definite sweet tooth! Jonathon also shows his self discipline in other ways, practicing karate, math, etc.
  • When it's time to's time to go... - One of my dad's traits was that when he was at a party and he wanted to go...he wanted to go... No waiting around for my mom to say good bye or for formalities....if he was tired and wanted to go...he wanted to go.... Jonathon is the exact same way and it makes us laugh. We could be at a party full of kids...when Jonathon is tired...he's tired...and wants to go!

I love to watch the boys grow and see how they have similarities from us, their grandparents and each other! I've also included a few pictures of Ryan and Jonathon from the Reds' game...from my phone. They have their rally caps on...but weren't able to bring home a winner!

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Janelle said...

Very cute story. My two children have blue eyes from dad. I wouldn't believe they were mine if I hadn't carried them each for nine months. LOL Just stopped in to look at all the fabulous Mercy sketch challenges and I got all the way to this post. I think I'll be back. ;)