Monday, August 31, 2009

Let the Soccer Season Begin

Saturday was Collin's first ever soccer game. He has been wearing his cleats and shin guards around the house since he got them three weeks ago. Every day, "Do I have practice or a game tomorrow?" Concepts of time for a 6 year old are not quite that easy! So, Saturday was the big day. They play in a 3 on 3 format on two separate fields. His team started with 10 children, but is down to 6 because of vacations and a couple of injuries (not caused by soccer!). Every child played the entire game.

At this age, they are very cute. A little swarm of bumble bees fighting the other team's and their own players for the ball.
Collin had a great game. He scored 5 goals! Way to go! Of course, half way through the game he says, "I think we're losing." The other team hadn't scored a goal. His next comment, "What do you think the snacks are?" Gives us all a little perspective! Who cares how many goals we score mom...just bring on the snacks!

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