Friday, August 28, 2009

Back to School

The three older boys went back to school this week. Pat was calling Monday night Christmas Eve! Ready for the boys to be in school on Tuesday and get back to a little bit more of a normal routine.

Ryan started sixth grade. He had me laughing on Monday night, "The hardest part about the first day of school is what to wear. Should I wear my Jason Mraz, Under Armour or Loveland Band t-shirt?" Hmmm, haven't really heard him too worried about clothes before. My reply, "Whatever is most comfortable." "Well, Mom, the Under Armour shirt makes me a little sweaty." "Why don't you wear the Jason Mraz shirt? Nobody else would have the same shirt." Interesting that my "oldest little man" is interested in clothes. I also had to laugh that none of these clothes are new. All of them he wore for months last year! Ryan then moved on to making sure I knew what the criteria for when I could take a picture. "Mom, probably around 7:12 you could take a picture, but then you need to be done." Pause for a moment, "Actually, 7:10, not 7:12 and only in front of the house. I don't want my friends to see me." Love the pictures of Ryan below; he is laughing as Pat is harassing him about his friends seeing us with the camera.

Jonathon started third grade this year. Jonathon started to have the same conversation about no pictures! We were having none of that! Jonathon was extremely excited to have Mrs. Geiger as his teacher and his buddy Emma in his class again this year. The school year wouldn't be complete without a picture of Emma and Jonathon on their first day together. I love the picture of them walking onto the bus. Pure happiness.

On Wednesday, it was Collin's big day! Off to kindergarten! Both Nanas came over to send him off for his first bus ride to big boy school. Good bye pre-school. At first Collin wasn't too excited about pictures either. "The sun is in my eyes mommy." Collin's buddy William was at the bus stop. A first grader, William, was ready to show Collin the ropes of riding the bus!
When asked how his first day was, "We played a lot, and my teacher said I was so cute. I don't want to be cute." Still very adamant that he doesn't want to be cute. Bees want to sting you if you're cute!

Happy first day of school boys and Merry Christmas Pat!

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