Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dawn McVey's Raspberry Suite Color Challenge and All Star Weekend!

Welcome to blog land! I am participating in my first color challenge. The idea is to use the color template created by the designer (Dawn McVey) and come up with a challenge of your own! So here goes! I made this card for a co-worker of mine whose birthday is next week. It is a little bit hard to see the dark red...I'll work on better pictures in the future!

This weekend is the Little League All Star Tournament. To say that Ryan is excited would be the understatement of the year! And to say we were excited would also be the understatement of the year! Ryan's love is baseball. Anything and every baseball all year. Earlier this week he got his uniform. When I came home from work his shirt was laid flatly on our bed with the All Star Patch to apply. "Mom & Dad, did you see my shirt and patch? Do you know where it goes?" Fast forward from Tuesday to Thursday, Ryan's ready to go to practice in his All Star uniform. Pat to Ryan, "Honey, let's not wear your uniform today, let's keep it fresh for Saturday's game." Thursday night, "Mom, can we please go to Walgreen's? I need sunglasses. I'll use my own money for them." Please note that every day earlier in the week, "Can we go to Walmart to get sunglasses?" The baseball uniform is not complete without sunglasses. Even though we've told Ryan no sunglasses on the field. They just serve as a distraction... :) Friday night before the game, Ryan's checklist:

  • Uniform neatly laid out on his dresser (I think this is the first time clothes have been laid out by Ryan in his entire 12 years!)
  • Sunglasses on hat
  • Water bottle on the kitchen floor so we don't forget it
  • Baseball bag in mom's car...after confirming we would be driving my car to the game.
  • Suggestion that his brother's need a movie for the car ride to the tournament. It's an hour away and movie's are only played in the car for vacations.

Bed time arrives. "Mom, can you come up here?" Upstairs I go. "It is so nice Nana and PopPop are driving an hour away to my game. Mom, what time do I need to put my uniform on tomorrow if we need to leave at 10?" "Probably about 9:30. Wake up and get your breakfast and then put on your uniform. Honey, play your best. We're so proud of you."

My checklist:

  • Camera
  • Treats for his brothers
  • Kiss on Ryan's cheek when he's sound asleep...pretty soon he'll be taller than me.
  • Pictures of his uniform neatly laid out and a giggle that he hid his cup under his shirt...

Play well my sweet boy. We are so proud too!

Card Ingredients: SU Very Vanilla; Certainly Celery; The Write Stuff DSP; Melon Mambo; Buttons, etc. all SU


Terri E. said...

Love how you layered your punches. I haven't played with my new one yet, but this is great motivation. Fabulous job with the color combo!

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Scrapping Julie said...

great card.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I love this beautiful "Celebrate Today" card and your entry. When I read the words "play well my sweet boy" the tears started flowing. : It is so wonderful that you are fully aware of the power of your role as a mother and embrace it. Today I am celebrating you and the Mango boys!

Karen said...

What a great card! Love your story about your 'sweet boy'! I often wonder how long it will be before mine (who is half the age of yours) passes me up...he's getting so tall so fast! Hope you had a wonderful time at the game! :>

Anonymous said...

your card is gorgeous