Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast is Served Until 10 am

Last Thursday, Jonathon desperately wanted to go to pool. Pat and Ryan were at baseball practice so it was me and the three little guys. I was getting dinner ready and Jonathon wanted me to wake Collin up. Sometimes if Collin crashes on the couch in the afternoon, it is just better to enjoy the peace and quiet :) and let him sleep! When I let Jonathon know that I wasn't waking Collin up, he was very disturbed. "Mom, you know he'll only have had one meal today if you don't wake him up." I looked at Jonathon and he proceeded, "Mom, you know breakfast isn't served after 10 am. Collin only had lunch today." So I asked Pat. Explanation, "Yep...only serve breakfast before 10 am. When Ryan gets up late, he waits for lunch instead of me making bacon and scramble eggs at 10:30 and then starting lunch an hour later. I could ask Collin 100 times what he wants...and he doesn't answer. Breakfast is served before 10 am. If they don't answer by then or aren't awake, they wait for lunch." Here's the background, Collin is not our fastest mover in the morning. Unless he helping make a protein filled breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon with us, he doesn't necessarily move very fast to eat or to get dressed. It gets kind of frustrating to ask so many times what they would like to eat. So the rule has been established. When Jonathon said this all I could think of was being in college...after a long night going through the drive through at McDonald's and the drive through worker saying, "sorry...we're no longer serving breakfast." Do you remember how bummed you were when that would happen?! Wishing they had one more egg McMuffin? Needless to say...I did wake Collin up and we all went to the pool! Two meals in a day are better than one!

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