Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Few More Christmas Cards...

My Christmas card madness is coming to a close :).  I have just a few more left to complete and then it will be time to close it out until I start creating for next year!  How are you cards coming along?  Do you have a favorite one?  This one is definitely my favorite for the year.  I made quite a few and love, love, love the CAS design.

Collin and Marcel are on about the tenth draft of their Christmas lists.  We mailed them this past weekend so we'll see how many special messages I need to send to Santa with their changes!  It never fails that they come up with a must have for their list a day or two before Christmas, but come Christmas morning they are always thrilled with what they receive.  Ryan wants only a few expensive gifts and Jonathon has a prioritized list. He has a definite lists of 1s - "Would prefer first" and 2s - "Nice to have gifts".  Have to love a child that can prioritize (a boy after my own anal heart!).

And here's another card I don't think I've shared yet and have entered in the current week's CARDS challenge featuring Christmas cards.  


  1. Saw the fabulous yellow card on the Create blog - it's so super cheery!
    Love the paper strips on the second one.

  2. Lynn, These are all such FABULOUS Christmas cards! Love the warmth of the first one, and the fun pattens on the second!

  3. It's a good feeling to have all your Christmas cards done isn't it :) These are fabulous... love the bright fun feel of the first especially.

  4. Your fave is definitely my fave too, but then again these are both super :)
    That happy dot paper is just so homely behind the tree and I love the traditional colours of the strips on the second :)
    Must go and get mine done!!
    Jenny x

  5. Both are great cards but I do love the first one! Love that non traditional look...beautiful. :)

  6. You sure are on top of things! Love the brightness of the first card, unexpected and fresh and the second is pure clean and simple goodness.

  7. As much as I love Jonathon's very organized list of priorities, I may lean towards Marcel and Collin and change my mind and want it all! LOL I can see why you love this delightful card...enough to cheer up anyone missing the sunshine (hint, hint, wink,wink). LOVE the strips of paper at the bottom...great idea!!

  8. Orange on a Christmas card! What a revelation! I love that.

  9. You are rocking with your holiday cards, Lynn! I know your recipients will appreciate them! I love that little tree chipboard!

  10. I'm still up to my eyeballs with list of things to do and cards to make!!!
    Loving the fun of your first sweet card and totally diggin' the cool modern take of a traditional colour combo on your second beauty!
    P.S I got my first Christmas card today...from YOU! Thank you SO MUCH! It's ooozing in CAS goodness and made me grin from ear to ear :D
    My card is yet to be sent, but it will be!

  11. So love the dp you used on the strips in the second card. What a great idea....the style of the sentiment is great!
    My Christmas cards are sloooowly coming along. I will probably bite the bullet next week and work like crazy!

  12. fun and beautiful. what a great way to show off two styles.