Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I am not normally a one picture kind of layout girl. I cram as many pictures on a page as possible. That said...every once in a while, I think a picture deserves a page of its own. Our spring involves lots of baseball practices and games. The routine is me flying home from work...normally a few minutes late. Pat running out the door to take either Ryan or Jonathon to where they need to be. I'll pack up a cooler of juice boxes and various snacks. An occasional run through the drive through. Marcel and Collin know the drill. They're happiest when there is a playground at the baseball field. This particular picture is at a field where there is no playground but there is a tempting creek with woods...there is also a very interesting port-a-let. We visit that about four times per game...not sure what the fascination is with little boys and port-a-lets, but it definitely exists! Even though they aren't looking the same way, I thought this was a sweet picture of them...knowing in the background I'm yelling to not go into the woods!
Ingredients: Papers from My Mind's Eyes Penny Lane Free Bird "My Friend" Collection; SU Chocolate Chip Paper

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  1. i've toted my share of kids around to soccer and softball practices. always nice when the ones being toted around, have someone to share their wait time with. lol! it's a great photo of them ... and the story behind it is even cuter!