Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Tidbits...

Hi there, popping in with a few links of a variety of blog posts that I have liked lately...some crafty...some not crafty...:
  • A good perspective on your growing pains.  No matter what phase of life we are in with our children I think the themes of this post hold true. 
  • An anniversary post that made me smile.  I married Pat at the ripe old age of 21.  Susan's comment about having no idea what they were doing then or now but doing it together made me smile from ear to ear.  I often say, "How can I be the parent of four boys?"  I still feel young at heart.  Pat and I continue to try figure it out life together and are having a blast doing it.
  • I found Jan's blog while browsing Gallery Idol.  Love her style.
  • Are these little onesies not the cutest for twins...Copy and Paste...adorable!

And now...I'll leave you with a card for the current Embellish Challenge. The background stamp is the Hero Arts Envelope Stamp and the flowers and sentiment are from Verve.  I struggle with the placement of gems on my cards, but was actually pleased with the way this looked.  I love the color combination for this challenge.  Not my typical colors, but I like the deep, bold look.

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday.  I'm off tomorrow so not too long until my weekend starts.  Off with a group of girlfriends to see Bridesmaids tonight!


  1. Oooh! Love the updates design on your blog! Is that a Karen Baker creation? ;)

    Love the bold colours of the card and the gems a re scattered perfectly! :)

  2. Copy and Paste...too cute, that's a lot better than Pete and Repeat, which is what my twin and I were often referred as. I love your card, I think the gems are absolutely perfect. I find that I have to place gems perfectly straight in a row, but you've shown me that it can be done other ways!

  3. Fabulous!! What an amazing card!! I keep on struggling with the challenge colors :)
    Love your new header!! looking sharp!!

  4. Lynn,
    You always manage to lead me to things that I need to read, or see or hear. I thank you for that. The places you took us to today in your post were fabulous... The onsies just made me laugh I loved it.
    Your card is beautiful as always.
    Have a great day.

  5. Beautiful card, Lynn! Thanks for the tip on Jan's blog, too...

  6. first of all...I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK!! Wow, did this happen when I was sleeping? It's clean and simple and fabulous :) Did you do it yourself? Just askin' as perhaps I'll get you to do mine :) what a fabulous bunch of flowers...those colours just jump out at you :) Wow, you were a young bride...I hope to see some wedding pics while I'm there...this time tomorrow we'll have our tickets!! Nichole said you can purchase multiples now :) hugs!

  7. Oh my Lynn.....just where do I start? First, the blog. the new header and your boys are so handsome/adorable! The blog is just so clean and love the red highlights! Second, this card is just amazing! That background stamp is one that I've been wanting for soo long! I just need to break down and buy it. I would get LOTS of use out of it I'm sure! Thirdly, HAVE fun at the Cinci wish I could go.

  8. Love the new header have four handsome lads, whats it like being the only female in the house? :)
    Beautiful how the background has stamped out , I tend to get this effect too and quite like it. The gems are placed perfectly :)
    Jenny x

  9. Wonderful card. Love the cheery flowers and the crystals are perfectly placed.
    Thanks for the wonderful links, always fun to see what else is out there in blog land.

  10. Love the updated look on your blog! You have four handsome boys. This is a very beautiful card. Love how the you placed the gems on the carries the eyes all around the card. Great job.


  11. Such a great job with the colors Lynn! And I think your rhinestone placement is perfect! So did you cry laughing at Bridesmaids?? :>

  12. Whoop whoop!! Congrats on your runner-up cards for CAS-ual Fridays and JUGS! Rock on! :)

  13. This is so, so gorgeous! I love the envelope patterned and the scattered gems.