Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Time to Blog a little about me. I am a mom to four boys. My high school sweetheart and wonderful husband of 17 years is a stay at home dad to our boys. How lucky am I that are kids are so blessed that he is home with them everyday? I work full time outside of the home. Life is a little crazy, but oh so good. I am completely addicted to scrapbooking and stamping blogs. I find so much relaxation when I can scrapbook or stamp. I've tried to figure out why I want to blog. I think the reason is that I want to be able to share some of the things I create, but most importantly to capture the things that happen in our families life each and every day. There are fun things happening and things that we pray will be resolved. I do a great job at scrapbooking "events" in our family but not so great a job capturing the every day moments that make us a family. When I told Pat (my hubby) "my goal" (yes I am very type A and goal oriented) was to capture every day life and eventually save off the blog into a scrapbook type book. He summed it up, "Why do they call it blogs? Aren't they just journals?" I think he's right...I think I want to journal...but it's fun to call it a blog.'s to blogging. I'll give a try and see what happens...

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  1. welcome to the world of blogging! i've always described my blog, as an online journal. i've never been one to sit and write in a book ... but typing online and making it pretty, i can totally do. i'm also like you ... and don't get around to scrapping all the little things in our lives. so to have all the random, everyday stuff ... that's the nice thing about the blog. and it's so great to be able to refer back to things too ... and to know that it's written down somewhere. have fun with it!